Cast and Crew

  • Director – Solomon Tubbs
    Director, Executive Producer, Co-Writer. Solomon Tubbs-Foster is a software developer from Los Angeles, California that begun writing at the age of 16. An independent soul, he left high school early via the California High School...
  • Exec. Prod – Charles Reid III
    Executive Producer. Charles Reid III attended the University of Utah where he majored in Communications. With his experience with “pitching” to major studios, his passion for “sending the message” now evolved to spearheading his own...
  • Writer – Simon P. Moore
    Executive Producer and Writer.Simon Moore used to write screenplays while completing his BA in English from the University of LaVerne, CA. Native Southern Californian, raised in Pomona, CA – from the frequency of ambulances in...
  • Exec. Prod – Brittany Reid
    Executive Producer. Brittany Reid, alongside Solomon Tubbs-Foster and Samuel Ihunwo produced their first TV pilot in 2006 when they made the docu-drama Project: Patrol and later the pilot presentation “Life with Solomon”. Since then, Brittany...
  • DP – Gary Otte
    Director of Photography. Gary Otte brings a creative eye as director of photography to the look of movies, documentaries and commercials. Gary’s visionary cinematography has brought him onto film and television projects throughout the world—...
  • Exec. Prod – Samuel Ihunwo
    Executive Producer.  Samuel Ihunwo was born August 4, 1987 in Torrance, Ca. In 2006, alongside Solomon Tubbs-Foster and Brittany Reid produced their first TV pilot Project: Patrol (US) and later the TV pilot presentation “Life...
  • Steven Turner
    Long-time Los Angeles resident, Steven Turner is a natural improve, theatrical actor. Having performed at theatres throughout Los Angeles, Steven has a unique ability to adapt to any role, making it his own, while remaining...
  • David Tolemy
    David Tolemy (Jude) trained at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where he graduated with honors. He has appeared in numerous plays in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and LA. David’s most recent theatre credits...
  • Clara Aranovich
    Clara was born in Northern California, begat by an Argentine physicist and a Chilean marketer/author. Since the age of seven she aspired to be in films and since the age of ten she aspired to...
  • Ken Gamble
    Ken Gamble, (Asad), a 15 year Hollywood veteran, has established himself as one of the silver screen’s true indie impresarios, actor/writer/producer, Gamble involves himself in every aspect of his characters. Gamble has worked alongside such...
  • Stephen Steelman
    Stephen Steelman (Eric) acts, produces, and whatever else enables him to be on set as much as possible. He’s worked with some cool people (Alfred Molina, Rachel Leigh Cook, Shane West, etc.). Even more cool...
  • Allen Perada
    Allen Perada stars in “Parts of Disease”, as Detective Lundy who is days away from retirement and wants to end his career clean with no ambiguity. Allen can also now be seen in the made...
  • Nazli K. Lou
    Nazli K Lou was born in Tehran, Iran. At the age of six, Nazli moved to Vienna, Austria with her family and attended the American International School in Vienna. From an early age Nazli was...
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Chad Williams
Jude Ashburn
Emma Watson
Eric Marshall
Det. Kevin Lundy
Det. Alex Harris
Agent McDonald
Detective Daniels
Agent Moore
Agent Reid
Asad Emeri
Kalila Emeri
Wali Mustafa
Thug #1
Thug #2
Agent Waters
Agent  Flores
Detective Hughes
Agent Johnson
Played By
Steven G. Turner
David Tolemy
Clara Aranovich
Stephen Steelman
Allen Perada
Morgan Daniel
Peg London
Anthony Ray Parker
Simon P. Moore
Charles Reid III
Ken Gamble
Nazli K. Lou
Francisco Medina
Nick Garcia
Rob Batie
Billy Salvadore
Dajhar Johnson
Corey Shaw
Ken Waters
Erika Salerno
Hugh Mun
Martel Collins
Erik Carabasi
Jon Miguel
Josiah Smith


Title Person
executive producers Charles Reid III
Simon P. Moore
Solomon Tubbs-Foster
director Solomon Tubbs-Foster
producer Samuel Ihunwo
production designer Simone Cummings
written by Simon Moore
Solomon Tubbs-Foster
associate producers Billy Salvadore
Erik Carabassi
1st assistant director Holly Barton
director of photography Gary Otte
gaffer Gary Otte
key grip Dajhar Johnson
grip Maurice Morris
grip Nick Garcia
music by Abie Perkins
Jihad Ali
sound mixer Dustin Ingham
sound re-recordist Jihad Ali
make-up Maria Coronado
hair stylist Maria Coronado
special effects make-up Amber Atkisson