On a cross-country trip to visit sites of US terrorism, four friends confront true stereotypes. Chad Williams (Steven Turner) must complete a final university project which chronicles acts of terrorism that occurred on US soil.  After a heated argument between friends, Chad disappears. After becoming worried, Emma Watson (Clara Aranovich) contacts the police to discover that her most trusted friend is a suspected domestic terrorist. Parts of Disease explores the days leading up to Chad’s disappearance and the internal conflict he faces that potential made him an enemy to the United States.

Director’s Message

“As technology has become more advanced, I believe that we have also lost touch of the elements that have once made us human. Unlike most, I do not believe that society is getting worse. War is war. Hate is hate. Love is love. These elements have always exist. What has changed is the “scope” of how or emotions affect those around us. There was a time when killing 20 people singlehandedly was unheard of (outside the military context). As a director I do not believe in the concept of “good” and “bad.” Every person has a story– whether we agree or not. So instead… All film becomes is a medium for expressing the story and letting the audience be the judge.”

Writer’s Inspiration

Simon Moore used to write screenplays while completing his BA in English from the University of LaVerne, CA. Native Southern Californian, raised in Pomona, CA – from the frequency of ambulances in his neighborhood, Simon would become interested in Emergency Medical Services. Working as an EMT & American Red Cross Disaster Services Chair, following 9/11/2001, Simon would travel to ground zero, where his shock & amazement of extremist violence would re-direct his focus from reaction to prevention. This sparked his inspiration to write Parts of Disease.