Allen Perada stars in “Parts of Disease”, as Detective Lundy who is days away from retirement and wants to end his career clean with no ambiguity. Allen can also now be seen in the made for TV film, “Burned” on BET, also featuring Eric Roberts, directed by Phyllis Tobin Bancroft the 2011 J&J Lens on Talent winner. Allen also Stars in the Jason Horton film, “Trap”, HM at the 2011 LA Reel Film Fest. A soon to be finished Dustin Mckim film “Hitman” from Canadian writer Phyllis Heltay also stars Allen as Moe a hit man with no tolerance for loose ends. Also seen on the WB’s Seventh Heaven and more recently in the, “Criminal Minds”,ep, “Conflicted”, directed by Jason Alexander where Allen plays cruel step dad to the , “Twilight”, star Jackson Rathbone’s character. Allen started his acting career in Films like Hook, Body Snatchers and Mr. Jones and on the TV shows Santa Barbara, Renegade, and High Tide.