Clara was born in Northern California, begat by an Argentine physicist and a Chilean marketer/author. Since the age of seven she aspired to be in films and since the age of ten she aspired to direct them. Declining to attend film school as an undergraduate, Clara studied writing and theater at Dartmouth. Her undergraduate thesis, a novella, was awarded the Sidney Cox Prize and High Honors. She matriculated USC’s School of Cinematic Arts immediately following her time at Dartmouth. While at USC she also worked closely with administrators and professors to pioneer a Writers-Track within the Production Program to better provide a path for those seeking an auteur model. In 2010 she was admitted to pursue an M.St. in Film Aesthetics at Oxford University but declined in order to form her production company, PUC Films, and shoot The Argument, a short film starring Melvil Poupaud, shot in New Orleans. This also allowed her to accept the invitation to finish out the season at Mad Men where she’d been working as a research intern. Over the past year, Clara’s career has taken her back to her roots in acting and photography.