Nazli K Lou was born in Tehran, Iran. At the age of six, Nazli moved to Vienna, Austria with her family and attended the American International School in Vienna. From an early age Nazli was complimented for her confidence as a performer and encouraged by her family and teachers to pursue and focus on her talent. She was always one of the first in line for shows and events that involved performing arts. Due to her desire and interest in performing arts, she was enrolled in dance and gymnastics classes from a young age.

Nazli was recently casted as the lead actress and performed in the short film “For the Birds”, written and directed by Tara Atashgah. This amazing short film will be submitted to film festivals such as Cannes Film Festival in France, Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, Human Rights Watch International Film Festival In New York, Movies that Matter Festival in Holland, South by Southwest in Austin Texas, Seattle International Film Festival, Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival in Canada, Montreal Film Festival in Canada, Nantucket Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago International Reel Shorts Festival, New York City Short Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival in NC, Sundance Film Festival in Utah, Nashville Film festival in TN, Vancouver International Film Festival in Canada, Atlanta Film Festival in GA, Tribeca Film Festival in NY, Human Rights Film Festival in Croatia, San Diego Film Festival, Action on Film International Film Festival in CA, Santa Barbara International Film Festival in CA, The Student Academy Awards in CA, San Francisco International Film Festival in CA, Los Angeles Film Festival in CA, Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival in CA and many more.