Executive Producer and Writer.Simon Moore used to write screenplays while completing his BA in English from the University of LaVerne, CA. Native Southern Californian, raised in Pomona, CA – from the frequency of ambulances in his neighborhood, Simon would become interested in Emergency Medical Services. Working as an EMT & American Red Cross Disaster Services Chair, following 9/11/2001, Simon would travel to ground zero, where his shock & amazement of extremist violence would re-direct his focus from reaction to prevention. After completing his MS degree from CSUSB, serving on four chamber of commerce boards of directors, Chairman of the Board American Red Cross, Past President of Victorville Rotary International, Simon would finally realize his goal of High School English Teacher, allowing him to write & co-executive produce “Parts of Disease.” His message is “No excuses, only results,” is the reminder to all, that progress comes from hard work.